CeraNova’s mission is to be the leading provider of transparent and advanced ceramic products for the most demanding and highest performance applications.

Designers and manufacturers of advanced defense systems, industrial products, and electronics are constantly challenged to find state-of-the-art ceramic materials and components that will enable ever higher performance levels.

CeraNova’s proprietary materials and processes deliver unmatched mechanical strength and superior optical performance. We draw upon our decades of expertise and experience to deliver exceptional solutions through customized material compositions, product and tooling design innovation, and advanced manufacturing methods with a focus on cost control and reduction.

We engage with our customers in all stages of product development, prototyping, process development, and manufacturing systems planning and implementation. At CeraNova, we love to solve hard problems and will take on the manufacturing challenges other companies will not!

Product Development

CeraNova works with its customers’ designs to develop manufacturable products for the most demanding applications. We apply design-for-manufacturability (DFM) assessments and use stage-gate methodologies to ensure that the development process and milestone targets provide meaningful feedback. We strive always to simplify manufacturing methods, increase yields, and deliver cost-effective solutions that meet our customers’ requirements.

Our process development innovations have delivered advanced prototypes that demonstrate advanced product designs and extended performance levels. If you have a new product design ready to move forward or a challenging development task to address, CeraNova is ready to apply its expertise!

Process Development

A good design and prototype product are only the first step in new product development. An efficient, cost-effective, and robust manufacturing process is imperative to a product’s success. CeraNova works with customers to develop process solutions that meet all these goals. We utilize our technology and extensive expertise in ceramics and materials to help our customers improve existing products, tailor materials for new products and applications, and increase manufacturing efficiency.

CeraNova assists its customers in the move from R&D to prototype development. We will assemble a team with the specific capabilities and expertise necessary to design processes, demonstrate manufacturability, finish and evaluate prototype components for feasibility and proof testing.


For any new product or design, nothing beats having a physical part in hand to confirm design elements and evaluate form, fit, and system compatibility. CeraNova’s manufacturing processes have been developed to provide rapid turnaround of one or multiple pre-production parts in a short time with minimal cost. These first article parts are instrumental for substantiating a variety of proofs concept visualization, performance testing, and manufacturing process validation, and improved cost modeling. And our prototyping methodologies are setup with scalability in mind, so that when the decision is made to begin beta-level or low-rate initial production, the changeover to manufacturing is effectively seamless.


CeraNova is uniquely positioned to provide pilot scale and small volume manufacturing services for new advanced ceramic products and components. Our team has decades of experience in custom manufacturing products to rigorous specifications for smaller and niche markets and applications.

CeraNova’s facility is equipped with the latest process tools and machines to provide pilot scale and small volume manufacturing for our customers. Our process capabilities begin with the raw materials – high purity ceramic powders – and carry through to grinding and polishing of finished parts.

In cases where a product’s size or required specifications may exceed CeraNova’s internal capabilities, we have established partnerships with leading advanced material processing companies to ensure that your products are made to the required specifications and delivered on time. If your production volumes exceed CeraNova’s capacity or must be located elsewhere, CeraNova will work with you to specify equipment, design processes, and plan and implement production operation to build a manufacturing capability that meets all your requirements.