Process Equipment Windows

Many advanced manufacturing and material processing systems must operate under demanding conditions including extreme temperatures, corrosive chemical exposure, or abrasive material handling. These systems require robust windows for visual or sensor process monitoring that cannot be met with plastic or glass materials. The ability to incorporate optical and infrared sensing capabilities in these systems depends on having a robust window material that will perform under such extreme conditions and with high reliability and long life cycles.

CeraNova’s transparent ceramics provide such a solution for industrial and commercial process equipment windows. Whether the need is for visible light only, visible and infrared, or infrared only sensing, we deliver window solutions that keep manufacturing and test equipment running by enabling high quality real-time process monitoring.

Advanced Insulators

For many electrical and electronic applications, the drive for products with ever-higher performance and further reductions in size and weight continues unabated. In many cases, these new systems must also operate at higher temperatures than current design requirements. To enable these cutting-edge electrical component and system designs, high performance electrical insulators with high dielectric breakdown strength (DBS), high hardness, and high mechanical strength are needed.

CeraNova’s CeraLumina™ material can be custom made in opaque, translucent, and transparent forms for high performance electrical insulators. CeraLumina is made with high purity raw materials and proprietary processing to deliver exceptionally high density and strength and outstanding surface quality for superior electrical insulator performance. Its high DBS enables compact, robust, and lightweight electrical insulator products that can withstand the most extreme operation conditions.