Advanced Missile Domes

CeraNova has developed innovative and cost-effective manufacturing processes for spherical and aspheric nosecones and domes made from transparent ceramics. These include hemispherical domes for legacy missile systems as well as aerodynamic dome geometries for next-generation guidance systems and platforms. These new irregular geometries require innovative manufacturing and metrology methods to meet performance, quality, and durability requirements, while keeping manufacturing costs competitive.

Hypersonic Seeker Windows

CeraNova’s transparent ceramics are excellent candidate materials to protect advanced seeker systems on hypersonic vehicles. Our proprietary materials can withstand extreme temperature and G-force conditions while retaining infrared transparency. Selected thermal-mechanical properties have been tested up to 1200 °C and higher and more extensive tests are ongoing. Finite element modeling based on the measured properties has shown that the bulk window material will not fail under the extreme launch and flight conditions expected for gun launch or boost glide hypersonic weapons.

Sensor & Laser Windows

CeraNova’s advanced optical ceramic materials provide high strength, abrasion resistance, and extended operating temperature capability for a wide range of next-generation aerospace and defense systems.

For applications requiring high transmission in the UV-Vis- through MWIR range, CeraNova has multiple ceramic window materials that retain their high strength and can function to extreme temperatures exceeding 1200 °C! CeraNova’s near net shape processing technologies enable unique products and designs that cannot be manufactured by other methods. CeraNova’s windows can be used in a variety of laser-guided systems and visible/infrared detection systems.

Transparent Armor

CeraNova’s high strength transparent spinel is manufactured using proprietary processing methods that provide unmatched strength and high ballistic protection for armor applications. CeraNova’s spinel outperforms all competition in terms of strength and hardness and it enables weight reduction while providing improved optical performance and excellent durability in the harshest environments.

Spinel’s slow crack growth, transparency and transmissive qualities also make it ideal material for armor or bulletproof windows while at the same time enabling electro-optic sensors and infrared cameras to function at the highest performance levels.