CeraNova offers several transparent ceramic materials for electro-optic and infrared window applications. The best material solution for any application depends on system requirements and operating environments. Material selection may be based on strength, temperature, and optical transmission requirements at particular wavelengths.

The Table below highlights key thermal and mechanical properties for CeraNova’s EO/IR window materials.

The chart below compares the optical performance for CeraNova’s EO/IR material. CeraLumina is translucent in the visible but has high transmittance in the mid-wave infrared (MWIR) to wavelengths ~5 microns. CeraNova Spinel provides excellent transmittance from the near-UV through Visible and out to the MWIR range. Yttria windows provide transmission further into the MWIR range and are usable to wavelengths around 8.0 microns (with ~60% transmittance).

CeraNova can manufacture EO/IR windows in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from cm-size disks less than 1 mm thick to large three-dimensional parts with dimensions of 50 cm or greater with thickness approaching 25 mm. Window shapes can be flat panels, spherical and full hemisphere domes, and free form shapes having no rotational symmetry.