Electronic Devices

CeraNova’s transparent and translucent ceramics are excellent candidates for protective screens, back plates, housings, bezels or other advanced/smart electronic components. The high hardness and high impact strength of our materials will provide superior protection to a wide range of electrical and electronic devices.

Advanced Lighting

Solid-state lighting devices can generate substantial amounts of localized heat during operation and may need to operate in a wide range of harsh or extreme environments. CeraNova’s transparent ceramics are highly suitable for use as device components, protective housings and lens elements for these applications.

Semiconductor Substrates

Semiconductor devices requiring highly uniform surface properties, high mechanical strength, and excellent dielectric breakdown performance with transparency in the visible to mid-wave infrared range can benefit from CeraNova’s advanced ceramic materials solutions. The isotropic mechanical and optical properties provide processing and performance advantages over legacy materials such as sapphire. CeraNova can provide several standard wafer sizes for development and low-rate initial production needs.