Advanced Lens Designs and Multi-Spectral Optics

CeraNova’s transparent spinel has excellent transparency in the visible spectrum as well as the infrared range, thus enabling it’s use as a single material solution for advanced optical components that employ multi-spectral imaging and sensor systems. Our spinel can be fabricated to net shapes in a wide variety of 3D forms and can be polished to an optical grade finish not achievable with other transparent ceramics. The ability to achieve a high precision surface finish enables nano-scale texturing for advanced and tailored optical properties.

Infrared Lenses

Novel Lens Designs

Nanometer Scale Surface Features

Ruggedized Lenses

The extremely high strength, high operating temperatures, and low dispersion of CeraNova’s transparent spinel and CeraLumina materials make them excellent candidate materials for advanced imaging lenses that must operate in highly stressful environments. CeraNova’s materials are available for designers of advanced optical systems for the most demanding applications.