Yttria, or yttrium oxide, is represented by the chemical formula Y2O3. Polycrystalline yttria has a cubic crystal structure and can be produced with very high transparency. Yttria is not a very strong ceramic, but as a single crystal or when produced in a transparent polycrystalline form, yttria transmits energy over one of the broadest bands of any oxide. Good transmission levels are possible from the UV, through the visible, and well into the IR regions of the spectrum.

One growing application for polycrystalline yttria is as a solid-state laser host. The polycrystalline form of transparent yttria allows for higher doping levels and better distribution of dopant elements leading to improved lasing. A number of wave-length specific lasers have been created based on yttria as the host material. Yttria is also used as color emitting phosphors.

CeraNova’s transparent yttria windows and domes have a very fine grain microstructure which produces an optical surface superior to large grain yttria. As with other ceramic components made by CeraNova’s process, both simple and complex transparent yttria parts can be readily produced.