CeraLumina™ Domes and Windows

As surveillance and tactical missions become more vital and missile speeds increase, there is a need to improve the performance of mid-wave infrared (MWIR) systems to provide higher quality images. Increasing missile velocities coupled with higher sensor performance requires commensurate improvements in window and dome performance, including aerodynamic (deep concave) shapes.

The mechanical, thermal and optical properties of CeraNova’s polycrystalline alumina – CeraLumina™ – including high hardness, high strength, high thermal shock resistance, and high transmission in the MWIR, make it an excellent material for use in demanding missile dome and window applications.

CeraNova’s unique powder processing method enables near-net shapes to be produced directly, which reduces the time and cost of grinding and polishing operations required for the final product.

For the past decade CeraNova has been providing domes of various sizes and shapes to meet customer required geometric and surface finish specifications. CeraNova is equipped to perform essentially all production and fabrication steps in house – from dome blank forming through metrology and final inspection.

Spinel Windows and Armor Components

Optical quality magnesium aluminate spinel (MgAl2O4) is used as a window to protect guidance sensors and electronics in military systems and also as transparent armor for ballistic protection in military vehicles. CeraNova’s optical quality spinel has the ability to provide significant performance improvement due to its high strength and improved durability.

CeraNova’s proprietary processing produces spinel with strength 2-3 times higher than conventionally processed spinel. Higher strength provides better sensor protection in guidance systems and better ballistic protection for the warfighter when used as transparent armor. Improved strength also affords the possibility of providing equivalent protection with a thinner window, resulting in reduced weight and reduced system and operational costs in addition to increased signal transmission.

CeraNova spinel is produced from commercially available powders using a scalable process. Both flat and curved shapes are available, and these can be fabricated to tight tolerances and high optical quality.