CeraNova Corporation is a privately held company that specializes in advanced materials product development for industrial and commercial markets. Founded in 1992, CeraNova has extensive experience in processing and manufacturing of advanced ceramics and ceramic composites. Over the last 23 years, the company has been awarded numerous government and commercial development contracts for process technology and product development. In 1996, CeraNova spun off Specific Surface Corporation, a venture-funded business created to manufacture ceramic and metal particulate filters for high-temperature gases using exclusively licensed 3D printing (additive manufacturing) technology from MIT. For the last decade, CeraNova has been focused on advanced and transparent ceramic components.


CeraNova is proud to have partnered with numerous government and commercial organizations on development and prototype manufacturing projects. These include: NASA, DARPA, Air Force, Navy, Army, DOE, Raytheon, Boeing, Schlumberger, MIT, and others.

Completed Projects

  • High Strength, Optical Quality Spinel (Phase I & II)
  • Low-Drag Infrared Dome
  • Conformal Infrared Window with Structural and Distributed Aperture Capability for Airborne Platforms
  • Aerodynamic Infrared Dome (Phase I & II)
  • Advanced Window Materials for High Energy Propulsion
  • Edge Bonding of Infrared Windows
  • Hypersonic Alumina Infrared Domes
  • Advanced Window Materials for High Energy Propulsion
  • Consolidation of Nanograin Ceramics (Phase I II)
  • Hypersonic Alumina Infrared Domes (Phase I & II)
  • Polycrystalline Alumina Ogive
  • Surface Finishing Polycrystalline Alumina Missile Domes
  • Polycrystalline Alumina Ogive Missile Domes
  • Low Cost Polycrystalline Alumina for Infrared Windows (Phase I & II)
  • Systems for Rapid Barrier Production
  • High Density Composite Small Arms Ammunition
  • Advanced Sensor/Actuator Systems
  • Novel Advanced Acoustic Materials Fabrication Method
  • Advanced Sonar Sensor Technology
  • Continuous Feedback Smart Composites

Current Projects

  • Aerodynamic Dome Manufacturing Cost Reduction
  • Low-Drag Infrared Dome